A Guide to Reducing Light Pollution Around Your Home and Neighborhood

Dayu solar all in one street light, the streetlights, exterior home and business lights, gas station lights, stadium lights and parking lot lights that dot our neighborhoods and let humans extend our daylight activities can imperil the lives of these animals. They already face any number of other serious threats, such as climate change, habitat loss and collisions with cars. As Greater Portland’s population grows and human Mainers encroach more and more on animals’ habits and habitats, the impact of man-made lighting grows alongside.


Choosing dayu solar all in one street light, which is worked automatic according to the stimulation of surrounding environment. All-in-one solar light is one kinds of solar powered led lights can be used as solar led powered street lights, which is very easy install and maintenance. We supply the best solar street light price for your all solar lighting system application demands.


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