Brief Introduction about MPPT Solar Pump Controller

The full name of MPPT controller is Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller. It is the upgrading and replacement product of the traditional solar charge and discharge controller.


As a professional solar products supplier and one of the best solar pump controller manufacturer in China, Dayu solar developed the MPPT controller for solar water pumping system. Dayu solar pump controller is intelligent controller with Continuous MPPT + DSP, which can up to maximum output efficiency of 97%. Using dayu solar pump controller can increase PV Array Output by up to 30%. With dayu solar pump controller can fulfill motor speed adjustable.


Dayu solar pump controller designed for 4pole and 8pole motor, others for ODM, digital precision constant current control,opening window waterproof protection makes indicator show easier.


Dayu solar pump controller price is very reasonable and acceptable, if you are in need of solar pump controller, our MPPT+DSP controller is your best choice for you DC WATER PUMPING SYSTEM.

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