Dayu Solar Powered Water Pump Project at the foot of Kilimanjaro

Dayu Solar Powered Water Pump has been finished installing at the foot of Kilimanjaro.


Today is a important day for us, we just received our customer’s feedback, they installed the system and everything goes well. The system runs in good condition and they are so happy with it.


We are committed to providing our customers with a better life experience. About our solar water pumping system, they have proposed a deep cooperation willing with us for more solar products like solar off grid system and solar micro grid system projects in new future.


A solar-powered pump is a pump running on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels or the radiated thermal energy available from collected sunlight as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps. The operation of solar powered pumps is more economical mainly due to the lower operation and maintenance costs and has less environmental impact than pumps powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE). Solar pumps are useful where grid electricity is unavailable and alternative sources (in particular wind) do not provide sufficient energy.


Kilimanjaro is located in the northeast of Tanzania and south of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa, about 160 kilometers south of Nairobi, 225 kilometers south of the equator and 3 degrees south latitude. It is the watershed between Tanzania and Kenya, the highest mountain in Africa, as well as volcanoes and snow mountains. It is known as the “African ridge”, and many geographers call it “the king of Africa”.


This project is a symbol of our products, it shows the quality of our solar water pumping system can fulfill all kinds of environment and we have confidence to expand our products to more remote areas.


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