Global Solar Water Pump Market to Reach US$ 1892 mn by 2025

The global market for the solar water pump is expected to show a healthy growth during the projected period. One of the significant reasons behind this growth is the increasing demand for solar water pumps to fulfill the requirement of a wide range of water from household use and from agricultural irrigation.

Solar power water pumps are relatively cheap than other water pumps. One of the key reasons behind it is almost all the solar water pumping systems store water which can be used later when the sunlight is not available. Because of this, the constant need for batteries is eliminated completely, which also decreases the overall cost of the solar water pumps. Apart from it, favorable initiatives and policies of governments across developing countries in Asia, especially in India are encouraging to adopt the solar water pumps which are ultimately rising the growth of the global market.

Dayu solar powered water pump is a kind of submersible water pump. Dayu solar powered water pump system consist of solar array(+tolerance), water pump(full stainless steel), MPPT + DSP controller (most reliable) and accessories which is easy connection.

Dayu solar powered water pump always be chosen as tool of submersible well pump and with solar power pumping tools for many areas.

Dayu solar water pump use solar energy as power and applied to different applications such as residential water supplying, solar water pump for agriculture, submersible irrigation pump system, solar water pump livestock water supplying, solar powered water pump for water feature and so on.

As one of the best solar water pump manufacturers in China, dayu solar devoted to manufacture submersible water pump for all level of customers all over the world.

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