4SP8 Solar DC Water Pump for 8m3/h Flow Rate with Max Head 220m

4 Inch solar water pump for 8m3/h Flow Rate with Max Head 220m

Electronic Components from Top supplier to ensure high quality:

  • DSP come from Texas Instruments
  • Temp.Chip come from Microchip
  • MOS come from IR
  • IGBT come from Fairchild
  • Opt coupler come from Sharp
  • Switch come from Schneider


(Pump Diameter 4″ fully 304 stainless steel body also impeller)


Dayu solar submersible water pump system consists of solar array(+tolerance), water pump(full stainless steel), MPPT + DSP controller (most reliable) and accessories which is easy connection.

4SP8 series Solar DC submersible water pump is an integrated solar  water submersible centrifugal pumping system for small sized applications as drinking water supply, livestock watering, garden watering, desertification control and as so on. It also can reduce operational costs, improve water security.

Dayu Solar Submersible Water Pump System Benefits

  • Intelligent controller with Continuous MPPT + DSP
  • High efficient DC brushless motor requires less solar array, Rich social benefits.
  • Maximum output efficiency of 97%
  • Increases PV Array Output by up to 30%
  • Motor Speed adjustable
  • Designed for 4pole and 8pole motor, others for ODM
  • Digital precision constant current control
  • Open window waterproof protection, indicator show easier
  • Hot galvanizing steel cabinet with better corrosion protection
  • OEM & ODM ability by more Than 20 Years In Solar Field
  • 5000 Square Meters Water Pump Factory Area
  • Fast and Simple Installation with Standard Accessories.
  • ISO9001:2008 Production Standard with Imported SMT Equipment.


Best Protections for Solar Submersible Water Pump System with 3 Years Warranty

Strict Test Before Delivery

  • PV reverse polarity protection
  • Dry run protection
  • Over load protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Current limiting protection
  • Power limiting protection
  • Less phase of electric motor
  • Short-circuit protection


Solar Submersible Water Pump System Packing Details


Dayu Solar Submersible Water Pump System Projects




NoWater Pump







( V )

Solar Panel(Kwp)Flow rate(m3/h) / Head (m)

(Best Efficient Use Range)

Outlet Diameter

(mm / inch)

Pump Length


314SP8-5A0.751101.56(8pcs 195Wp)4.2 /268 /2010.8 /1250 / 2361
324SP8-7A1.12202.205(9pcs 245Wp)4.2 /358 /2710.8 /17423
334SP8-10A1.52203.12(16pcs 195Wp)4.2 /508 /3910.8 /24516
344SP8-12A2.22204.41(18pcs 245Wp)4.2 /618 /4810.8 /28578
354SP8-15A2.22204.41(18pcs 245Wp)4.2 /768 /6010.8 /36671
364SP8-18A3.03304.68(24pcs 195Wp)4.2 /908 /7710.8 /44764
374SP8-21A4.03306.86(28pcs 245Wp)4.2 /1058 /9010.8 /51857
384SP8-25A4.03306.86(28pcs 245Wp)4.2 /1268 /10210.8 /60981
394SP8-30A5.53309.36(48pcs 195Wp)4.2 /1518 /12910.8 /731136
404SP8-37A5.53309.36(48pcs 195Wp)4.2 /1888 /15310.8 /891353


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