Cabinet Type Solar Controllers

  • MPPT solar charge controllers
  • Unified design for all charge controllers
  • N x power unlimited design
  • Poly-, Mono-, Thin-film modules
  • Redundancy (N + 1)
  • Easy configuration and installation
  • Fast module exchange
  • Plug & Play modules
  • Hot swap technology
  • Small size and light weight

Dayu Solar power controller is divided into Wall-mounted controller and Cabinet Hybrid Controlling System, as different application.

Solar integrated Cabinet Control System— is classified into horizontal type and hog-plug type, can promise modules to operate together, it largely satisfies the energy supply needs for any optional capacity.

Hot Plug Type

Solar hot plug&play controller allows to insert or pull out the modulars when the system is still working, which can avoid the power cut-off when detecting and maintenance is done to modulars in fault and is featured small sized and light weighted compared with same powered common modular. Hot plug&play controller is preferred to use to improve the system’s safety operation when the conditions is available.

48100HC model solar controller integrates the latest MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which can keep working always at the peak power point of PV array to acquire more solar energy for the system.XSD48100HC model solar controller optimized the process of battery charging, prolonged the lifespan of battery and improved the system efficiency.

With complete self-testing functions and fully electronical self-protection, it can effectively avoid the dangers caused by wrong installation and systematic malfunctions.XSD48100HC model solar controller has various communication ports and terminal ports to monitor the battery temperature and voltage, which can meet users’ different requirements under different application conditions.

XSD48100HC model solar controller is featured as below:

  1. With Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function, efficiency improved 30% compared with Non-MPPT solar controller.
  2. DC-DC control technology, independent voltage stabilization function, smooth and accurate control on battery charging and discharging, prolonging the lifespan of battery 50%-100%.
  3. Can be hybrid with wind, grid and diesel generator, N+1 mode-based redundancy control system, controllable of multi-energy integrated operation.

Controllable of 5600Wp solar PV array, integrated cabinet type installation, independently adjustable. Suitable to telecom BTS and facilities in the fields of meteorology, earthquake, petroleum, forest and military.

For multi-energy hybrid use, the energy is automatically selected to input by sequence of solar-wind-grid-diesel generator-battery. When energy at superior level is inadequate, energy at the next level will top up automatically, it also can be set at site according to customer’s requirements.

With no person on duty, MTBF >200000hours.


Input Voltage:22-150V44-150V
Output Standard Voltage:27.2V54.5V
Output Voltage Range:21-30V43-60V
Output Current:0-100A
Norminal Power:2500W5000W
Max.PV Input:2800W5600W
Working Temprature:-25-70°C


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