Smart Micro Grid Energy Storage System (Solar Off-grid System)

The key to design a renewable power plant that can maximize return on investment, while delivering a stable, safe and reliable power supply.

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Dayu Solar Micro Grid solution includes grid stabilization technology that enables high penetration of renewable power generation, and distributed control systems that provide intelligent power management and efficient hybrid power plant operation.

Our solution achieves 100% peak penetration of renewables in solar/wind/diesel power system, maximizing fuels savings and supplying reliable, grid-quality power in remote off-grid locations.

Dayu Solar Micro Grid systems(Solar Off-grid System) are suitable for areas where grid-connected or grid-connected power is not stable. it consist of solar modules, controllers, inverters, battery packs, and rack systems. The electrical energy generated by the PV system can be used during the day or stored in a battery pack for providing electricity at night or in cloudy or rainy weather.

10KW-50MW Micro Grid system, It can be applied to civilian life in remote and non-powered areas as agricultural water, transportation, communication, petroleum, marine, meteorological, household lighting, scenery (Chai) complementary power stations, various large parking garage charging stations, solar buildings, automobile supporting, desalination equipment, satellite spacecraft, etc., have a wide range of applications.

Micro-grid normally operates more flexibly, either grid-connected or off-grid while providing the requirement (electrical power and heat) to local users. The integrated reliability power supply enables the less pollution emission and become a significant part of smart grid.

High system efficiencyHigh reliabilityHigh stability


Dayu Solar Micro-grid and renewable integration platform provides a modular and scalable solution that integrates renewable power generation into micro-grids that previous solely on fossil fuel.

Dayu Solar Micro Grid Projects

Solar - Wind hybrid Micro Grid System for China Mobile                    Solar - DG hybrid Micro Grid System for Sri lanka Dialog

Solar - Wind hybrid Micro Grid System for Border post                      Pure Solar Micro Grid System for China telecom

Pure Solar Roof Top Micro Grid System in our Xian City                     Solar - DG hybrid Micro Grid System for Viom India

Pure Solar Micro Grid System for Petro China                                      Pure Solar Micro Grid System for China Military

Dayu Solar Can provide all kinds of micro-grid systems, combined with solar energy, wind energy, DG, city grid power to meet various load requirements,

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