Solar Power System

Over 22 year’s history, We have over 25,800 solar systems running On Site. We are a sponsor of “China National Industrial Standard for DC-DC Solar Power System”

Independent solar system means all the power only comes from solar panels.

Please let us know the following questions at first, then we can give you a good solar solution:

  • What are the loads that need to be powered by the solar system?
  • What are the power and voltage of each loads?
  • What are the working time per day of each loads?
  • What is the backup time of this off-grid system?
  • What is the sun radiation in the installation area? (We can help to check in NASA website also)

Dayu Solar Independent solar system means the power only comes from solar panels. In the daytime with sunlight, the solar panels will power the loads and charge the battery; when the sunlight is inadequate or on cloudy days, the battery will power the loads together with the solar panels; In the night, the battery will power the loads independently until the next sunny day comes.

If the battery bank cannot stand to the next sunny day, the system will cut off the power when the battery reaches its maximum discharging capacity.

When the load power is confirmed, the number and probability of consecutive cloudy and rainy days for local region should be taken into consideration to determine battery maximum powering time and how long  it needs to fully charge the battery, then, finalize the configuration based on these conditions.


Please answer the above question, and let us know the sun radiation of your place,

then we can give out a good solution.

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