Solar Home Power System

Over 22 year’s history, We have over 25,800 solar systems running On Site. We are a sponsor of “China National Industrial Standard for DC-DC Solar Power System”

Surprisingly easy to install and reliable under even the most demanding conditions, solar
technology is simply an intelligent choice.

• Easy installation: no specialized work crews required for installation
• Compact, self-contained design: easy deployment and relocation
• Significant cost savings: no fuel or electrical bills
• Reduced maintenance cycles: no scheduled maintenance for up to five years
• Clean, renewable solution: a visible move towards eco-friendly practices .

No Pollution, Green Energy
With a handle, easy to install and use
Save energy and electricity consumption
For rural area,camping, remote cabins, emergency power
Environment friendly, lower-cost.


We pay attention to every component and work diligently to ensure that
every step of the energy conversion process is maximized. It’s our tireless attention to detail that
makes our products the most compact, easy to install, endlessly reliable and ruggedly durable
solar products on the market. When it comes to solar technology it’s what’s inside that counts.

we look after what’s inside better than anyone else.



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