Solar DC water pumping system with MPPT Controller

Drastic reduction in the cost of power electronic devices and annihilation of the fossil fuels in near future invite to use the solar photovoltaic (SPV) generated electrical energy for various applications as far as possible. Water pumping, a standalone application of the SPV array generated electricity is receiving wide attention now a days for irrigation in the fields, household applications and industrial usage.

Although the several researches have been carried out in the area of SPV array fed water pumping, combining various DC-DC controllers and motor drives, the zeta converter in association with the permanent magnet brushless DC (BLDC) motor is still unexplored to develop such kind of system. However, the MPPT controller has been used in some other SPV based applications. The merits of both the BLDC motor and MPPT controller can contribute to develop a favorable SPV array fed water pumping system possessing the potential of operating satisfactorily under the dynamically changing atmospheric conditions.

The BLDC motor has high reliability, high efficiency, high torque/inertia ratio, improved cooling, low radio frequency interference and noise and requires practically no maintenance. On the other hand, a MPPT controller exhibits following advantages over the conventional buck, boost, buck-boost converter and Cuk converter when employed in SPV based applications.

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