Solar Powered Security Lights for Marine

Dayu solar manufacture full series of solar powered security lights for marine. Dayu solar warning lights widely applicable of solar powered deck lights, solar deck post lights,waterproof solar lights, floating solar lights, angel solar lights,warning beacon on dock, solar powered beacon light, solar beacon flashing warning light and other dock edge solar lights.


Solar powered security lights are generally used to maintain road safety, usually used in police vehicles, engineering vehicles, fire engines, emergency vehicles, preventive management vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency A/S vehicles, mechanical equipment and other development, machinery, power, machine tools, chemicals, telecommunications, ships, gold and other electrical control circuits as control signals interlocking work.


Dayu Solar Obstruction Light All components of the item are replaceable. Waterproof design ensures the long life span and suitable for all environment application. High intensity output and high transparent housing bring over 5km visual range at night, Industrial-level self-contained solar LED beads. Optional colors for whatever condition our client use them to. Automatic operation from dark to dawn, if the battery is in low voltage, it starts flashing every 8 seconds. Adjustable intensity intelligently meets various needs in different environmental applications. Internal switch and vandal resistance design avoid mal-operation and destruction by mistake. Easy installation requires no special tools and technicians. No special maintenance and servicing for up to 10 years with exception of battery replacement if it dies.


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