Solar Water Pumps do Provide High-quality Power for Irrigation

Solar water pumps do provide high-quality power for irrigation purposes along with an incentive for farmers to use water efficiently and divert power into the grid, in order to earn additional revenue. This choice will certainly depend on several factors such as the quantum of incentive, the season and market price for crops being grown.

Renewable energy has various benefits. Amidst the multifaceted advantages, benefits on the environmental front are predominant as renewable energy does not act as a source of pollution.

Another issue concerning the use of renewable energy is cost-effectiveness. However, experts disagree with cost barriers and have presented plans to benefit farmers. Explaining the need for renewable energy with the example of solar pumps, renewable energy campaigner Pujarini Sen said, “Renewable energy policies, like solar pumps, not only provide a reliable power supply for farmers but also provide respite to DisComs and can cut out the use of diesel generators. And when grid-connected – they can also add to farmer income and encourage groundwater preservation. It’s a holistic win-win solution for all stakeholders.”

Dayu solar water pump use solar energy as power and applied to different applications such as residential water supplying, solar water pump for agriculture, submersible irrigation pump system, solar water pump livestock water supplying, solar powered water pump for water feature and so on.

As one of the best solar water pump manufacturers in China, dayu solar devoted to manufacture submersible water pump for all level of customers all over the world.

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