Diesel Replacement Off-grid PV System

OffGrid Solar or hybrid Power Systems for Diesel Replacement & OPEX Reduction

Massive OPEX reduction and diesel generator replacement solutions

Minimizing DG running hours, maintenance period extension and fuel savings


  • Minimizing DG running hours
  • Significant fuel savings
  • Total OPEX reduction
  • Maintenance period extension
  • Fast return on investment period
  • Intelligent diesel generator control
  • Complete diesel generator replacement


At night time the load is powered from the battery,

When the sun is rising, the PV energy is used primarily to power the load and charge the battery. It becomes cloudy and the PV generation decreases or stops completely. The load is complemented or completely powered from the battery.

The battery is almost empty. The DG receives a start signal to power the load and charge the battery.

The clouds disappear, PV generation starts again, DG receives a stop signal. Load supply and battery charging continue.



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