Irrigation Solar Pump System

Solar water pump for Irrigation

As global economic integration speeds up, global population and economic scale continuously grow, serious challenges such as food problem, agriculture water conservancy, and huge energy demand have affected natural ecosystem and human development. The challenges have become so urgent that all of the world need to come together and solve them. Endeavor to avoid energy overuse and search for new paths of development has become a global consensus.

Among the policies of agriculture development in every country, speeding up the agriculture and water conservancy construction has been put on an historical high level.

Solar pumping system as the leading power for the further modern agriculture with renewable energy will be expected to join solar energy and agriculture together, setting a new era of global modern agriculture.

There are three key problems which restrict the development of agriculture and water conservancy: the first one is the limitation of the water resources itself; second, due to the inconvenience of grid power installation; third, energy shortage or poor economic condition, which causes quite a large agriculture area in places with little development due to lack of power for irrigation.

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