Petroleum Off-grid PV System

OffGrid Solar or hybrid Power Systems for Petroleum

The oil and gas industry has a tremendous challenge in powering its remote and off-grid locations such as switch or valve machines. Conventional power systems require large investments and complex projects to achieve a reliable and efficient power supply at those locations.


Realizing this fact, Dayu Solar has completed many solar PV system installations projects. The company is aiming to gain familiarity with different renewable technologies, build operating experience, and to achieve a reliable and cost-effective power supply to its widespread remote locations.


The China biggest Petro Company as Petro China, Sinopec and CNOOC are all our customer.


We design, build and furnish complex turn-key power solutions, as well as develop embedded system solutions for original equipment manufacturers.

Many famous giant companies choose us,

They always use the most rigorous process to test our solar products,

We passed the test and got big orders from them,

After a long period of operation also received a good reputation,

So please do not hesitate to cooperate with us.


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