The Advantage of DC Powered Water Pump


A cascade waterfall or water fountain display with a compact, energy-efficient, low cost DC powered water pump. An electronic controller controls the operation of the water pump and is also used to generate visual and sound effects. The water pump is comprised of a DC motor with a motor shaft, a motor housing in which the motor is mounted, and a gasket used to loosely seal the motor within the motor housing. The gasket has an aperture therein through which the motor’s shaft passes. The gasket’s aperture is sized so that the shaft of the motor passes therethrough with little, if any contact. An impeller is mounted to the motor’s shaft for rotation within a pumping chamber. The pumping chamber has a plurality of holes through which water enters, and an outlet through which water is pumped by the impeller to the top of the waterworks structure. The pumping chamber is loosely fit about the shaft of the motor and allows some water to pass out of the pumping chamber to a pressure-relief chamber. The pressure relief chamber, located between the pumping chamber and the motor, has a water outlet port through which any water that has entered the pressure-relief chamber exits the water pump.

Choosing suitable solar water pumping system should take the following elements into consideration: flow rate, water head, pipe connection and etc. Dayu solar water pumping system suitable for clean water and use solar as energy, which is more efficiency and convenient for deep well submersible pump, irrigation water pump, solar water pump for agriculture industry and solar agricultural water pumping system.

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